Ever seen the cool blue ocean water?

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Ever seen the cool blue ocean water?


Ocean water cool blue

     Sometimes we maybe to busy with school , work or just never make the time to see the ocean. But I got lucky one week and the family made a cruise boat trip. I didn't want to go on a boat for seven days. But they forced me to go, Not much I could do even though I was about 18 years old.

Cruise Boat Vacation

    Well unlike other vacations that we hated going on boats, This one was real cool and we had a good time. We stayed busy and where entertained well with show of magic , talent , singers and also stopped at a few places. One of the places was Cozumel Mexico.

Cozumel Mexico

    It was a neat island. We started off in a taxi or on some scooter bikes and went around the island. The boat stops for about 8 hours or so and then your on your way to the next place.  I remember the ocean water , being so beautiful like I never seen before. The blue color was so cool to hold in the eyes that I even liked blue drinks more because of the memory of the blue ocean. So clear so nice like I never seen before.  Another one of the places was Cancun Mexico.

     I remember my brother throwing the football back and forth to a guy that was a dad of two very beautiful babes.  The vacation had me relaxed and occupied , not over rushed and was able to enjoy every moment. Now the last stop I remember was like some ghetto place that a tornado wiped out. It had like Jamaicans and monkeys and that's about all. I remember swimming in the warm ocean water and a little fish look like it was flying at me with it mouth open. I asked if there was piranhas in there, but he said there on the other side of the island. 

Jamaica Picture

     It was all ready cool and not much money was needed. If your the penny pincher you can just eat all you can eat on the cruise boat and enjoy the stops and islands visited.  But if you want to pamper yourself to special drinks and sweet luxuries it's nice to least bring a extra hundred or two. I never thought , I'd be 41 years old now and haven't went to enjoy another moment like that time. It was so enjoyable that I didn't even call my girlfriend, which was always giving me trouble anyways. Some people never experience how excellent a cruise is. There is more like swimming with Dolphins and even way in the ocean dolphins jump behind the cruise boat. The boats have special dinner rooms and then also a buffet that's like 24 hours a day. I would be like at 2 am calling the kitchen saying I want a cheese sandwich and a big cup of chocolate milk. You get treated as your honored being there guest. 

If you never get out and see some of the most spectacular things in life. What better time than now? Go have fun and pamper yourself !




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