Compassion pet dog can make unbelievers to be less harmful

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I was just thinking of this. People recognize maybe the love that pets have for there masters. There is something really nice about them, I think that they are always hungry wanting your food may trigger up more appetite. I think the peace they always have when working can be relaxing and when your resting you may have mice running around or not hear whats going on and they are on guard. I think sometimes in life we may think why do I need a pet , it's just something to take care of. Well you could go where ever without and not have one , But a pet is like something cool that you can keep with you. You spend money , spoil it and make it a part of your life and when visitors come over they can be nice to have. I have heard of people with breathing problems or maybe even by anxiety having a pet and being close to it, I've heard hearing there breath may help your problem. They always show love and with all the stuff that goes in on this world, we shouldn't forget about the better things that don't cost money that do matter. Food and water is easy and I think like a pet is a gift we should take care of the living gift. We can grow things and they live also , but dogs are made obviously to have something to do with human kind while we live our moment on earth. Just like herbs all around the world are good for us. So to take care is worth it. To live without a pet because you don't want to take care, well growing a garden you have to take care of it and life you will always have to take care and so doing good things and taking good care of things I see to be a great practice. Sometimes we just need the simple things to shake the edges off of us and when we can learn to live not like a thorn but more like herb then yeah pretty cool. Peeps seem to choked out in this world these days. I was checking 2019 actors that died and looked like many under 40. Seems heart failure , suicide. I don't know why actors don't seem to grasp the reality of how valuable this moment in life is and it's not about all the crap around them , but it's about a light and we all need to be in it. When all this spoken into existence lets say if it melts away right now is your soul aligned in that light or will you have rejected it and without a body or anything in a spiritual realm im just thinking how can you do anything and from that light which spoils us and gives us all the blessings we have and animals and things grow and light and our mind and keeps our soul in our body and gives us this time to come to know the one that created us and wants us to live and knows whats best for us and us in this small amount of time , so little time if we think we are intelligent but go off our own way. Seriously how dumb can we be that we think we got so smart when we may have success or think , but your own way is so not smart because there is a divine way. To non believers and anti-Christ don't believe the bible and then there's partial believers but they don't believe because other wise they would believe but they are also anti Christ and don't like being called that. But it is , what it is and higher than there words is that written word and we can read and believe and have that spirit abide with us. I thought God was always like someone that watches us and always knows what we do but I realized later , he lives in us and through that word can work in us. But if we don't walk in the light we are cutt off from that vine. Yet now days so many say oh it's not true and they think there so smart. It's so easy the right way that people are confused. They say what bible ....take all 50 versions and compare them and I figure you can still see the right and most best way because Gods ways are perfect and if you seek that way I don't need to tell you which version it's so easy to find people are confused. Confused probably because the parents didn't train up a child in the way that he or she should go. Yeah this world and all it's stuff chokes the good stuff out. But if we all get to work doing what we should be doing , we then would not be doing so much meaningless stuff and it's hard to break because games , internet , news , tv whatever can take all your heart and if all your heart is there then how much are you loving and how much of your heart is open for engagement to get to others to love. Will you have the patience to love as you would love your own self. Will you make the path clear and not look back and stand worthy. Are you in the fire but almost past the hardest part and set to have a honest and good heart. Pure and ready for doing all good works and to keep the whole law. Will you speak up even if you don't feel like it because you know you are commanded to. Will you separate from the ones you love that you should because we know Gods ways will have the best effect and separating from them that we should is showing true love. But if they repent and walk in the light then there would be no need to separate, but the folly of emotions I try all my life that I don't end up in them and I watch out for all others. It's a blessing God has given us time and mercy that we get to live still. We may think one day but if it's not today that day will probably never come for you sad to say. Whats the odds your really going to escape the snare when the world got flooded look how many made it on the boat. Whats the odds like Sodom and Gomorrah your going to be like the people that chose God. The fight is now and if your not in it , it's a scary think every moment of life because it could be your eternity forever and it's time to know God and obey the gospel. Yeah the free treasures in life are the best treasures. Many fools think wow I have so much God blesses me and yet they don't obey the gospel. Satan offered Jesus way more , But Jesus didn't need all that. All that crap seems to choke out the better things. Maybe poor but rich in spirit is the true treasures. It takes all your heart , soul , mind strength don't need to hear all the folly in the world, just grab a bible and believe it learn about Jesus. Yeah don't go in error of the Mormons that don't make sense or the catholics or any name other than Christian.  There error is so simple to see and yet like liberals they want to go like a dumb ass ignorant of the reality of the situation. Sad to say if they don't go in the higher ways , Gods ways and you can know them through that divine written word , which if you don't believe , you can read and faith comes by hearing and you can become 100% solid and a true believer confident without doubt and see it all clearly. Yeah it's so simple but rare you will ever see that way in anthers mouth searching in the world and in the mouths of men.  To little care these days and the ones that do care , rare you will ever see anyone love with all there heart , soul , mind strength and love as they would there ownself and fully doing it in everything in a great meditation day and night heart so filled with verses them divine words where you escape. We have to walk in that spirit so we don't fulfill the lust of the flesh. So if in battle you fall all the time and are bloody and beaten down and hurt bad. Never give up cast your cares on God he cares for you and pray , study. Never give up because it's a fight and failure is never ok but hopefully you'll at least hear on that last and great day. 

Matthew 25:21
His lord said unto him, Well done, thou good and faithful servant: thou hast been faithful over a fewt hings, I will make thee ruler over many things: enter thou into the joy of thy lord.
You read in the bible of Christians and Churches of Christ
Mormons are not Christians and people that knew God when there religion was founded knew that it was wrong. Founded by a man that took other peoples wifes and had like 40 wifes. Didn't do miracles and the gospel warned us of people like this and now his error has created many followers that do the devils work. Even though it seems like there good people , that perverted way is not Jesus way. Why would the world needs another when Jesus already was here and sinned not and died and risen and we have them words and he is the mediator between man and God .....we don't need a catholic and the mormon way is where people destroyed by lack of knowledge are. 
Don't put names higher and don't worship other than what it says. Don't be the author of confusion , just do what it says , sing like it says , gather for the reasons like it says , use money like it says , don't say oh i feel like it and do other things because you think it's good even though you have instructions for specific things and ways to do things.  Confusion is where the sloppy liberal is and like in lev 10 nadab and abihu. You can see what happened to them at the altar. That's how important it is to do it Gods way. 
Don't know people even look at a fat man statue created from stuff on earth and all this God spoke into existence and like the sun a fire that doesn't go out. Obviously great powers are taking care of us. Look at all the things that grow and yet I hear fools say ....what kind of God would let a person do this or that. 
Yeah some suffer but there will be a eternity of punishment so we should all be thankful how i see it to have another day to live and repent and do good. Sick things happen and yeah punishment will be here soon for many, But the moment is hear and we are living. We need to I think of how it is said exalt and glorify God and really even though this place is sick , God is not going to just do it on your terms or because some suffer but his time and who are we to think we are so smart to even question our creator in this tiny bit of time that was it so much that we got so smart that we are so stupid we think we are genius. Better you lose all you have and gain all the gospel in your heart. I seen people angry and say they are praying cussing and it's sick. I wondered if there soul was in there anymore or if it was just the devil himself. 
I like to write like this all the time, it's so hard but if we do it and we turn from them wrong ways and in the turning to the ways we should and we may not understand why but in turning and holding to them maybe as time passes wisdom will be recognized and a clear understanding of things that then you can share with others seeing clearly. 
It's a battle and the fight is now , let's walk together and do good and fill our hearts so much with that divine written word that we make everything spot in life that we see another doing or saying or that we do or say that verses light up with everything and one can say or do so little and yet we can have so much to say all because it was triggered up because of the gospel light shinning in us. 
It's a powerful word and you can try all the ways and you will see they are what are best for us and theres so much to learn that even reading the same stuff all the time it's like we keep ketching more and more things and the experience and time it's like leveling up and why wait , it's time and has been time and it's what our whole perpose of life really is it's not about a girlfriend or getting married and having kids or that perfect job all that stuff chokes it out , if that is the apple of your eye. All that is just off from the point and so many have there heart there like that was what they lived for or where born for but there is something so much better and yeah my heart was there before and it was destroyed to nothing where I loved the darkness of nothing and walked for a long time sobbing over the dream of whatever I thought this life was or the importance, but all this that we see is just stuff obviously held into place with powers even as our soul is in our body by powers obviously. We don't know how to do that , If we really see and are really here . It's like the whole world is sleeping. I know there are a few that are not.
I saw something as a child I always wondered what it was. I was outside my body and it was a cloud with a bright light behind it I think. the beams where so cool but when looking in it can be seen clearly.  I don't know why I seen what I did , but I seen my body and I positioned myself as my body and seems my spirit went back in. Before that though for some reason a brother was further in the darkness and I was trying to wake him up and he mumbled. I could have been more aggressive and provoked him harder to wake up. 
I think to myself if that reality was now I would not go in my body but in the light and I would make that brother wake up. 
I know what happened in my life is not gospel and why it did I don't know. Same as driving one day what  my car did on the road a day. Or when I was in danger and I went in peace and thought about God and I am here today. 
It's best no matter what to keep God and when you relize there is no reason to be mad or hate. Even though this world has it's ruff days do we pray and make a effort towards others and ourself. Do we do the work to make anything better or them people that speak so much hate about God ....what do they want more people like the people they say ....what kinda of God would allow this or that....they say but I think they are the sicko. If not there sick anyways because Jesus came and he healed people and did good and it was people just like them that hated him and God is good and yet still hate. So little years lived and yet you think your so smart but yet you do so stupid. Who is smart or intelligent , Just do good and whats it matter. 
Well hope ya all enjoyed this just felt like writing this morning. Thinking and hoping I can try to wake up the world and keep myself filled with Gods word and in trying to strengthen others , it always strengthens me and so the more work I do the more I notice I improve myself. If you think you failed a lot , yeah don't we all fail a lot but , it's a fight and walk in that spirit and don't look back standing worthy.  Hope this provokes others to just grab a bible and make some progress. 
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