Top 5 domains names to buy and sell in 2020

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Best domain names to invest in and dominate high quality leads!

Keyword : airfare - Searched 100K – 1M each month
Competition Medium

Air Fare Agency - $100,000

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Air Fare Services - $100,000

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Air Fare Network - $100,000

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 Air Fare Package all 3 domains for $150,000

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------------------------------------------------ Buy or Sell Online Without the Fear of Fraud

Gold Bitcoin US - Phenomenal potential for massive traffic  

Keyword : bitcoin - Searched 1M – 10M each month

Keyword : gold - Searched 100K – 1M each month

Keyword : us - Searched 1M – 10M each month

Low competition that also has domains like

goldbitcoin the dot com sold for 25k+

Gold Bitcoin 2019 Commemorative Celebrate The Bitcoin Lightning

Gold Bitcoin US - $20,000

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Electronic Support

Who doesn't use electronics? Imagine having a one stop support page that directs everyone to the electronic support they are looking for listing all electronics from A to Z. 

Electronic support domain name for sale

Electronic.Support - $100,000

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