Synthetic hair extension - Hair braids - Hair Weaves

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Learn how to put in hair extensions. A quick tutorial on learning how to clip in hair extension color strips.

Brand Name: Briskeys Deals
Material Grade: High Temperature Fiber
Texture: Jumbo Braids
Items per Package: 1strands/pack
Color Type: Ombre
Can Be Permed: Yes
Styles: Jumbo Braids
Length: 24 inches
Weight: 100g

Artificial hair integrations, more commonly known as hair extensions or hair weaves, add length and/or fullness to human hair. Hair extensions are usually clipped, glued, or sewn on natural hair by incorporating additional human or synthetic hair.

This is a truly unique hair extension that comes in funky braid style to suit your changing moods. Easy to use, even kids can experiments with a fun hairstyle. The length of the braids would be about 24 inches and it weighs only 100gm. The extension being light weight, you can easily add on other hair accessories to enhance the look. The braids are made of high temperature fiber material and can easily match with original hair and cause no discomfort.