Always wash your wiener funny dog quote wash your dog

Rockney Briskey 張貼

Business is not always about money!  When making money makes you yawn and fall asleep, yet a moment with my dogs in a deep rest can charge me up yet to accomplish more. There always happy when I take time out. Always hungry to try what I am eating making it feel more precious the food I have. One of the most enjoyable things ever is when you get the opportunity to have baby pups and if you like dogs like I do. I  just want to keep them all. I think anyone that doesn't have a dog is missing out and many may think oh I don't have to take care of anything, and feel more free without one. But the good energy of having a dog I find more valuable than whatever other stuff maybe in the way. They always show a returning love and even though they like to sleep all day and when you take a break they like to cuddle next to you. There a example of a good and loyal clean and sober on top of there feet at your service perfect pet.

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